Cover Photo: Courtesy of MB&F

MB&F continues to be guided by its philosophy that "anything is paw-sible"

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from MB&F founder and creative director Maximilian Büsser. The watchmaker’s creations are about having fun and the brand’s latest weird-but-wonderful release—Horological Machine No. 10—doesn’t disappoint.

Also known as the “Bulldog”, this three-dimensional wristwatch was first thought up five years ago, when a jet-lagged Büsser drove through Tokyo in a dog-tired haze. As he sleepily admired the city’s bright lights and quirky architecture—inspiration struck.

Oval in shape, Horological Machine No. 10 is designed to imitate the shape of a bulldog’s body. The time is indicated through domed sapphire crystal, under which two cone-shaped orbs with funky numerals act as the dog’s eyes. Four sleek-looking lugs are moveable to resemble legs.

Innovative, creative and technically exceptional, the Bulldog is special in that it's far from being a gimmick. The mechanics that put this wristwatch together beggars belief. Developed in-house, a 301-part movement is fully visible when worn on the wrist.

In another playful twist, a 45-hour power reserve is indicated by a set of bared teeth. Exposed when the watch is fully-wound, they slowly close when it's running out of power.

Heard enough? Choose from two dapper options: titanium and blue or titanium with rose gold and black. Paw-some.

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