Cover Chan Hau Chun's 'Cubicle' (Photo: Courtesy of the artist and HKIPF)

This year’s edition of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival will focus on “Photography Cinema” as its main programme

The Hong Kong International Photo Festival (HKIPF) is returning this October and will run till November as the third edition of the “Satellite Exhibitions” project which started back in 2018. This year, the focus will revolve around the theme of “Photography Cinema.” Featuring 49 works from South and Southeast Asia, the theme explores the multitude of forms and narrativity between still and moving images.

The festival reached out to six neighbouring organisations and invited them on as Curatorial Partners to introduce recent works in the region and gather new starting points for showcasing the transformative influences of photography. These include PhotoBangkok from Thailand, Singapore International Photography Festival and more.

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There will be three images makers in focus this year: Chang Chien-Chi, Chan Hau Chun and Wing Shya. Chang was born in Taiwan and developed his career in the US and is now based in Austria. His work focuses on the shifting patterns of populations to see the world through all its exigencies and the rainbow of hope at the end. He handpicked three of his works to exhibit at this year’s festival.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong artist Chan’s work puts the spotlight on the living conditions of grassroots citizens of Hong Kong whether it’s through her 300 Families exhibition at HKIPF in 2013 to her latest work, Cubicle which makes use of the steady long takes to document residents of subdivided flats that share one floor. Finally, Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya is renowned internationally across film, advertisement and fashion.

This year, he will bring together friends and fellow members of i_is_one to showcase a performance inspired by his soul-cleansing journey to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. It will serve as the grand finale of the festival on November 27.

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In addition to the main program, the third edition of the “Satellite Exhibitions” will gather 16 exhibitions, 11 venue partners and five collaborators to continue experimenting with common venus and various spaces in the city to create new photographic encounters for audiences of different ages and backgrounds. It will cover a range of topics from technology, impacts of the pandemic, reflections on the body and memories of the city and nature.

Through this, visitors can explore the surrounding areas of the exhibition with the specifically designed routes and assortments of sites. There will be audio guided tours curated by local poet Lee Yee Ching, composer Steven Hui and fashion design duo Yat Pit. The festival also features other special programmes including talks, photo walks, workshops and more.

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The Hong Kong International Photo Festival runs from October 15–November 28. Stay tuned for more details of the programme schedule at